Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elegant 3d Bridal Shower/Wedding Card Made with Sizzix Dress Form Pop-up Dies

This card was a lot of work, but it was a learning experience and I love how it turned out. The main components were the Sizzix pop-up dress form die that I got from Stampin' Up!, lacy ribbon and pearlized white card stock. The "carpet" was a cloth-like paper scrap that had been floating around in my scrapbook supplies for a couple years now.

Stampin' Up! Supplies Used:

I started with the base that I cut using the dress form pop-up die. I left this unassembled while I pieced together the other elements on the card. I wanted the tabled to stand out from the background and decided to use metal for it.

 I cut the table and dress form out by running the full dress form die through my big shot with the sheet of thin metal. Then I cut the dress form and table out from the rest of the card form and saved the scraps for another project. I will stop right here and say the thin metal sheet was not a good choice for this project. The metal was thin enough to be pliable, and while it looked nice, it was a major pain to work with. I had to reinforce the backs of the table legs and dress form with sturdy card stock because they kept getting bent. In the future, I would just use metallic sheen card stock to get a similar look without the fuss.

Making the "Wall"

I wanted the background of the card to look like a dressing room, so I chose some pearlescent stripped paper for the area behind the dress form. The issue I had here was this paper was not sturdy enough to be a good card base, so I started with plainer card stock that was heavier and then ran the striped paper through my big shot to cut it in the shape of the card. I then cut the card stock to fit above the table and a smaller strip below the table. This left a small line that exposed the card stock underneath, so I cut a thin strip of coordinating paper to fit over the strip and look like a wall paper border. In hindsight, it's hard to say what I would do different at this step. I really wanted the look the stripped pearly paper had, and while it would have been easier to use one sheet of card stock as the background, I wouldn't trade the finish product for the ease of assembly.

Making the "Floor"

The floor I wanted to look like a carpet and I knew the wedding colors included purple. I had bought a clearance pack of handmade papers long ago at hobby lobby that included purples. These papers sat in my scrap paper bin for years because they weren't quite large enough for scrap projects and I didn't want to breakup the design by using it to die cut embellishments. I ran the paper through my BigShot with the card form again, and it cut perfectly even though the paper was cloth-like in consistency. I cut an extra strip and glued it under the table to eliminate white space cause by the plain card backing. I loved how this step turned out! The finishing touch was a stamped sentiment on a white die-cut mat that we could sign.

Making the Dress
Dresses are always the focal point of all things wedding, aren't they? I have to say this step was the most fun out of the whole project. It was a mix between playing Barbies and being an amateur fashion designer. I used the dress form thin dies from stampin up to create a paperdoll dress to hang on the dress form. I started with some plain pearlescent white paper and cut the dress out. Then I embossed it with a generic swirly pattern and went to work on the skirt. I wanted something lacy, but when I just put the lace on the die cut, it looked a bit plain. So, I decided to layer a lacy crime/antique lace ribbon with the more ornate lace rosette type ribbon. It looked great, but the waist of the dress seemed to disappear. To keep the feminine shape prominent, I added a white ribbon belt and embellished it with one large pearl and two small pearls. It really brought the entire thing together. I finished up the dress by adding pearls to the pleats and glued it to the dress form.

Making the Cover/Outside

The cover of the card was relatively simple. I cut some matching pearly card stock with the card base and then glued the base to the dress form piece. I want the front to look classy, so I layered a die cut with the sentiment on metallic paper. Note, I didn't try to use the thin metal again, I just used card stock and it was much easier!

Final Thoughts

Aside from the thin metal, the hardest part of this card was keeping all the white clean. I really enjoyed making the dress and it was a lot of fun to put together. I'm hoping I'll find another reason to use this die set again in the near future!

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