Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turn Trash into Cute Shaker Cards

I really wanted to share this project because I love using up little bits and pieces that are leftover from projects. With this project, you can create a cute embellishment or centerpiece for a card using leftovers, including the leftover plastic from stickers or paper packages!

I've spent the weekend recovering from a tooth extraction, so most of my time has been spent laying on the couch under the influence of pain meds. Thankfully, inspiration still struck this weekend when I got the idea to make a shaker thank you card. I am blessed with some of the nicest, most wonderful inlaws in the world, and this summer they let my daughter come and stay with them for two weeks. I was waiting for my rather large Stampin' Up! order to come in (the tracking shows it arriving tomorrow!), but when I got the idea for this project I realized that I don't need the new stamping up supplies to create something very pretty.

In May, I made a scrapbooking album out of some Dear Lizzy supplies that I absolutely adore. I loved the paper so much I kept all the scraps in a plastic project keeper hoping I would find a way to use them up. This card was the perfect opportunity!

I used a stamp and die cut set from Sizzix that features a mason jar. I stamped the jar image onto a smallish piece of leftover floral Dear Lizzy paper and then ran it through my Cuttlebug, which is soon to be replaced by a BigShot. I loved how it looked, but wanted to add more elements to it. Thinking of shaker cards I have seen in the past, inspiration truly struck. First, I fashioned my own shaker cover out of leftover plastic that originally held some paper I got at the dollar spot at Target. I cut the plastic down to fit over the jar and then used a glue runner to turn it into a pocket.

Because it was a thank you card, I filled it with glitter and small bits of confetti that I created using the strips that held the paper into the Dear Lizzy paper pack. I used some Stampin' Up! ink and a stamp from the Three Little Words stamp kit. I inked the stamp so that only the word "Thanks" would be stamped onto the paper. Then, I used a small EK success punch to punch out the stamps. While the strips were too small for the full button to be punched, I really like the shapes they came out as. Also, to prevent everything from sticking at the bottom of the shaker, I glue a couple further up so they would always be visible. Once I had it filled to my liking, I glued the top shut behind the shaker and topped it off with some scrap twine I had leftover from the previous project.

Here is the finished result:

Here is step by step how to create your own shaker piece from leftovers. Remember, you can make a shaker out of pretty much any diecut image you like!

Step one: Gather your supplies.

Step Two: Create your shaker background. You can use a diecut or a diecut and stamp set. For my card, I also stamped the jar, but this example shows how great it can look even without being stamped.
Step Three: Create your shaker frame. Take some leftover plastic from any sort of packaging, and cut it down so it is a similar shape to your die cut but slightly larger. Then, glue the bottom and sides to your diecut leaving a hole at the top to fill the shaker frame with.
Step Four: Create your confetti. This is a wonderful opportunity to use up all those small little scraps of paper. I used glitter and then small punches to create paper confetti as well. Then, I used strips from the tops of paper to stamp the word "Thanks" and lined it up with the top of a small button punch to create a cute shape.
Step Five: Fill your shaker! Use your confetti and glitter to fill your shaker. If you want some of the confetti to stick out and not fall to the bottom, use a bit of glue and stick it towards the top of the shaker. To get the glitter and confetti in easier, push the sides of your shaker together slightly to make the mouth at the top wider.
Step Six: Close up your shaker. Use glue to close the top of your shaker. Push in all the edges and use a bit of glue to hold them down behind the shaker so none of your confetti falls out. Use some scrap ribbon or twine to wrap the top for a neat, finished look.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If your like me and love using every little bit of materials possible, you will love this project!

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