Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Organization Challenge Phase 1: Paper Mountain

Like so many other crafty and creative people, I fight a daily battle with getting and staying organzied. My latest challenge is to sort out all the bins of misc items in my craft room and get organized.

While Archivers going out of business makes me sad, I have been able to pick up some pretty sweet deals on tools and paper storage. I'm a very visual person and picked up two wire paper racks that I adore. Unfortunately, to make room for the racks I had to get rid of an entire cube shelf.

My problem areas tend to be paper and tool storage. I love paper and have alot of it, which makes storing it hard. As for tools, I like to have my tools easily accessible while working. Phase 1 of my project is organizing paper into the racks I got from Archiver's and finding a good spot for the 8.5x11 paper I have from stamping up.

Starting this project, my craft room looks like a couple monkeys had a wild party and paper fight. Here are a couple very messy photos of day one of my project:

Phase 2 will be tool storage and punch organization, so check back soon!

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