Saturday, February 1, 2014

Organization Challenge Phase 2: Punches Everywhere

Even though I have a Big Shot and Cameo, I still love my paper punches. They are quick and easy, and I have a ton of them! Punch storage has plagued me for a long time, but as companies have switched from the whale tail style to the new lockable style, storage is getting better.

I have a ton of the new style Stampin' Up! punches, and I use my punches very often- pretty much everytime I sit down to craft, I use at least one punch. Because of this, I needed to find a storage solution that would keep the punches close to my work area and readily available.

I tried stacking them on a shelf, but the issue I ran into there was the amount of shelf space they took up. When I stacked them on top of each other, everytime I tried to pull out a punch lower in the stack, the entire stack would fall. After one too many punches fell on my toes, I knew this was not the way to store them. I also tried stacking them in a bin. This worked to a certain degree. The problem I ran into there was the bins are deeper than the punches are big, so I ended wasting alot of good cube space.

Learning from the bins, I figured a drawer would be the best type of storage for me. I saw a fairly sturdy plastic storage unit with pull out drawers fairly cheap at Target, and inspiration struck.

The whale-tails I still have take up a fair bit of space, but the new style punches stack perfectly in the bottom drawer. As long as I do not pull out all three drawers at the same time, the entire unit is extremely stable due to the distribution of weight in the other drawers.

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