Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cedar Point Printers Tray 3d Project

I love creating projects that I can display around the house or hang on the walls. Printer trays are excellent for this and provide a fun medium for scrappy and crafty projects. I made this one to display some highlights from our trip to Cedar Point last year.

The fun thing about printer trays is how you can combine scrapbook elements with objects and keepsakes from the trip. The gatekeeper key we picked up in the giftshop, and next to it one of our room keys is displayed. I mixed that with various photos from our trip and lined the cubby holes in the tray with washi tape to give it a more finished look. I also cut up a park map to display, both me and my son love staring at maps and it always makes me smile to see it. On top of the washi tape, I added some sticky metal brads and some 3d rollercoaster embellishments to add another layer to the project.

Overall, the printer tray is a fun and unique way to display photos and keepsakes from our trip on the wall, where everyone can see and enjoy it. I have been making more and more projects like this because I notice when I make these and leave the out, my kids and husband and visitors always stop to admire them and reminisce. I catch my kids staring at this one all the time remembering our fun trip!

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